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Many people ask, who is chiropractic good for?  The answer is that almost everyone can benefit from chiropractic care.
Chiropractors treat not only the young to middle age for strains and sprains.
Chiropractic is good for the infant who  underwent having  their tiny little  body  pushed, pulled, twisted and turned in the delivery/birthing process which can result in the tiny vertebrae of their spine becoming misaligned.
It is is good for the little toddler learning to walk, climb, ride tricycles etc.  All these activities sometimes lead to mishap, i.e. falling off the couch they recently learned how to climb upon. These small mishaps may lead to misalignment of the vertebra (e)  in their spine also known as subluxation (s) .
It’s good for children to help maximize the chances of their spines growing straight and strong thereby enhancing overall health and function of the body.
Chiropractic is great for the mother to be who’s spine is under increasing stress as her baby within her grows and begins to place additional stress on her spine.  It can help eliminate or reduce the pain resulting from these increased pressures and strain on her spine.
When the pregnancy is over and the mother is suffering various aches and pains from repeatedly lifting, carrying, feeding the young one chiropractic care can be very beneficial in helping.  This is especially true for mothers breast feeding and not want to take pain medication which can get into the baby’s milk.
The young to middle aged adult who’s job involves strenuous work can benefit from chiropractic care.  Not only in treating the aches and pains resulting from the strenuous labor but also keeping the body working at a more optimal level.  Similarly the way a machine works better when all parts are in their proper position, the same with the body.
Parts out of position lead to extra stress, wear and tear on the parts effected.
The elderly benefit from chiropractic care by it helping to maintain join mobility and function. This leads to a decrease in the advances of arthritis and pain.  As people age, the normal elasticity and tone of the body diminishes along with loss of mobility in the joints.  The elderly become more likely to become subluxated from compared to their more youthful years and require more care to optimize structural integrity and function much the same way as a machine with moving parts requiring additional maintenance as it ages.
Chiropractic is seen to be beneficial to everyone in the family from young to old.  Everyone should have a family chiropractor the same way as they have a family medical doctor or dentist.